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Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Praise From Our Customers
We include postage paid comment cards with many of our shipments  because we want to know how we could improve our product. We have not  received a negative comment card in a dozen years. Here are random excerpts from just a few of the letters & comment cards we have received.

D. - Houma, LA
"Thanks for your product. It works great!!"


Roy. - New York, NY
"A short note to thank you for your product and to say that it worked great for me ...With Clean 'n Clear I passed EMIT test provided by a fortune 100 company which tested me for pot."


Z. - Grass Valley, CA
"Thank you so much. [...] you have saved my life."


A. - Cypress, T
"Please send one system ... ASAP ... "I FAILED a test yesterday when using [...] from [...]"
[faulty product and company deleted]


C. - Mundeliin, IL.
"Please send the product you sent me several months ago... Thank you"


S. - Leavenworth, WA
"It's a beautiful thing that companies like yours are helping to support a Free America. Thanks a lot"


D. - Bklyn, NY
"I would like to thank you for your product. It worked great and I am recommending it to all my friends HIGHLY. Please send me one system to keep in reserve. Thank you. Another Satisfied Customer. -D"


J.F. - Fremont, CA
"I may have to undergo a drug test very soon for employment purposes, and I can't afford to fail. I am not a drug user, but I have heard of people being tested positive as they weren't either... Thanks"


C. - Hoffman Estates, IL
"I really hope this works! I have tried Golden Seal root, also Pure_Blend_Tea. Both failed. Need to pass this time"


?. No return address
"I have (recommended it), to a lot of people. It worked for all"


J. - San Leandro, CA
"Thank you very much for a quick delivery. I have many many friends who I will tell about your product, you can be sure of that!"

Send in those comment cards! We love to hear from you. That is why we include a postage paid comment card! The cards return with praise, helpful ideas, and even pictures. Almost all cards and letters have two words in common --
 "Thank you." (We love those words!)

If you did not receive a comment card, please send your comments and suggestions to:

Clean 'n Clear LLC
2809 East Hamilton Ave #193C
Eau Claire, WI 54701

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